During the summer of 2017, I made a round-trip in the Northwestern part of the explore the area between the coast and the desert in the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

As a photographer I like to wander around, just by myself.

I rented a Mercedes Benz Metris and started this journey in San Francesco, CA. I then drove the way up along the coast towards the Canadian border until I ended at Mount Baker, WA.

From there I made my way back along Walla Walla and Lake Tahoe, and then back to San Francisco.

Driving around it seemed to me that quite a few of the forests I passed are having a hard time surviving.

Most of the nights I slept in my rental car, which, after some time, became my travel companion, of course with some shortcomings…..


Metris, Pier, Shelter Cove, CA, planter, sea, rock
Fishing Pier Shelter Cove, CA
forest, coastal line, Metris, California, roadtrip
Metris, Usal road, Westport, CA
lake, damp, sitting person, sunrise, Metris, dashbord, instrument
Diamond Lake, Crescent, OR
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Oysterville, WA