Borders and Beyond

A project of Johan Zwart and Eelze Jan Ploegh,
The Waddenzee coastal area, adjoining the provinces Friesland and Groningen

The Waddenzee has been designated as a Unesco heritage area. Therefore this area is protected and draws quite some attention. The landside, positioned south of the Waddenzee behind the dikes, does not attract the same amount of public interest.
Changes in the view of this open and rural landscape are inevitable.
Depopulation of disadvantaged areas, lowering of the soil surface due to extraction of natural gas and salt, quakes, the enlarging scale of agricultural enterprises are a number of factors influencing these changes.
Is adaptation to changing conditions the responsibility of the government or is there also a role for the community (“mienskip” in Frysian language) in taking decisions concerning the future of this area? Who determines which choice is made?

I don’t judge the way our provinces are designed, but I do have my preference capturing these constructed landscapes.

I like to wander through this vast, relatively empty and deserted area where I am regularly surprised by the furnishment of certain parts.
In consequence of the low position of a great deal of these provinces the area is protected, for ages already, by dikes, which reflects the scenery.
Changing conditions, already mentioned above, call for actions causing a different view of the scenery.
This fact is interesting to me.
One can imagine that measures to be taken are not always supported by inhabitants living in areas that are affected.
I am capturing adaptations surround the dikes gradually taking place. For better or for worse?

Eelze Jan Ploegh


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zeedijk bij Delfzijl, met gele afvalbak en hout met betonnen bank, uit het lood
bank en afvalbak uit het lood op zeedijk, Delfzijl, Gr
vlonder doornatuurgebied aan de Westerwoldsche Aa naar kiekkaaste bij Nieuwe Statenzijl, Gr
buitendijks, vlonder naar kiekkaaste, Nieuwe Statenzijl, Gr
brug op de dijk aan het Lauwersmeer bij Esonstad en Oostmahorn met bank en afvalbak
Brug bij Oostmahorn en Esonstad op de dijk langs het Lauwersmeer, Fr.
Waddenzeedijk, akkerbouwland, Frl, omgeving Ternaard
bij Ternaard, akkerland, omgeploegd, achter de dijk aan de Waddenzee, Frl